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   My name is Tomas Sofka, I am 35 years old and I am originally from Slovakia. In USA I live over 3 years with my wife. I am self-employed as finish carpenter.

Back in 1990 I met love of my life... As five years old I started to play soccer for my hometown soccer club Velke Kapusany.  I started in U6 in third league and after one year moved on to second league. I played in that league till U14 and at the same time I played for two high schools teams. After U14 I skipped over U16 and went to U18 at age 15.  At 16 year old I had a chance to play with the adult team (third league).  At 24 years old I was moved on second league and played for several clubs.  At the same time I started to coach kids teams.