DNA FC is a travel youth soccer club located in Panama City Beach, FL. I named the club DNA because we are all have God’s DNA in our blood and God created soccer. Soccer is in OUR DNA! 

   DNA FC is passionate about players growth and development. The club focuses on a long-term, beneficial approach by keeping the game simple, rotating players to different positions, and most importantly, emphasizing the fundamental skills of ball mastery and proper technique. DNA, FC provides a competitive environment that challenges players to work hard and play hard. Focusing on these skills builds the foundation necessary for learning and growth into more complex aspects of the game. DNA, FC believes that courage, character and hard work are extremely important attributes of a successful player/person.                                                   


  Sports are a wonderful platform for building life skills—not as a substitute for parenting, but as an another guiding voice to develop respectful young men/women. Some say soccer is a microcosm of life. If a young person can learn to be successful in soccer, it will build character and success on, as well as, off the field.


Julio Paguada